New Dog Café Opening in NYC Later This Month

January 9, 2018 :: Posted by meagan

Dogs of New York City, rejoice: Beginning later this month, you’ll finally have a place outside of your humans’ apartments and the currently snow-filled parks to hang out with your friends. According to Grub Street, the city’s first dog café will have a soft opening in mid-January before opening for good later this month.

Boris & Horton, located at 12th Street and Avenue A in Manhattan’s East Village and named after owners Coppy Holzman and Logan Mikhly’s dogs, will offer a much-needed space for dog owners to hang out with their furry and human friends while grabbing a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. Instead of tying their pets’ leashes to a nearby pole or tree while quickly running inside to grab a coffee, as is the rule at other cafés, Boris & Horton customers will be able to bring their dogs inside with them. “We want it to feel as much as possible like your typical coffee shop, but you have the added benefit of hanging out with your dog,” Holzman told Grub Street.

To be clear, this dog café isn’t the canine counterpart to the Japanese-style cat cafés that have started popping up around the U.S. While those spaces are typically filled with (usually adoptable) cats just waiting to be played with, Boris & Horton is strictly bring-your-own-dog—although, there’s technically nothing stopping dog-less dog-lovers from stopping by to play with the pups who are already hanging out with their owners at the café.


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