October 5, 2017 :: Posted by meagan

The recent devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left so many wishing there was more we could do to help. So many people and animals were displaced because of these natural disasters that Central Bark Doggy Day Care owners, Erin (CB MV and CB Tosa) and Jessica (CB Brookfield), decided that they needed to do something.  So, after countless hours on the phone talking to shelters in both Florida and Texas to determine where the need was greatest, they chose Houston’s The Corridor Rescue, Inc., — a non-profit organization whose mission of mercy is to rescue dogs in need and raise awareness for the cruelty of animals in the south.

The Corridor Rescue struggles daily, not just because of the conditions following the hurricane, but because of the continued inhumane treatment of the animals in the area. They save lives every single day and strive to correct the injustice done to many of these animals who have been thrown away, often times injured and starving. This area of north Houston is known as the “Corridor of Cruelty.” We are not talking about a handful of animals here but hundreds of physically and emotionally damaged animals in the fight of their lives to simply survive another day.

Erin and Jessica knew right away this was the organization they wanted to help. Through social media only, they began to collect supplies to take to Houston for this rescue operation. In four days, over $5,000 in supplies were collected. The supplies were loaded into a 16’ box truck, which Erin and Jessica drove non-stop to Houston to deliver these supplies and rescue those animals in need.

What they saw when they got there could only be described as heartbreaking. There were litters of puppies just discarded on the side of the road. There was a sweet dog named Ty that couldn’t travel because every bone on the right side of his body was broken from repeated beatings. There were dogs so fearful of everything because all they had been shown in their lives was pure cruelty. Erin and Jessica knew they had to take as many dogs home with them as possible. Upon arrival, Erin and Jessica helped unpack the truck, as well as assisted the volunteers in getting the dogs ready for transport.

Erin and Jessica left with 17 rescue dogs, leaving only five dogs behind in the shelter. They would’ve taken them all, but some, like Ty, were not medically cleared to travel.

Four of the dogs rescued and transported on the long journey back to Wisconsin were puppies: Cagney & Lacey, Harvey and Apollo. All four puppies have already been placed with foster parents through the K-9 Pawtrol Rescue organization in Wisconsin, a strong Central Bark partner.

Erin and Jessica also rescued a few dogs, which had just recently become mothers. Toni, a four-year-old great dane/lab mix was found starving and beaten in the “Corridor of Cruelty” and it is thought that her babies may have drown in the hurricane. Toni is one of the sweetest dogs you could possibly meet but is scared to death because all she has ever known is cruelty. After three days back in Wisconsin, the difference in her is night and day. Jade and Elsie have very similar stories to Toni. Although not in nearly as bad of shape, it is a labor of love to get these sweet ladies to trust human beings again.

An older dog, Artie, estimated to be a seven-year-old Sharpei mix, was so badly bitten by flies that much of his body was infected. His skin and coat are in rough shape, but after his first bath, he already looks like a different dog. He fell asleep getting his bath because it felt so good and it soothed him so much.  Rufus, probably only about a year old, has had his leg broken so severely that one of his legs is slightly shorter than the other. He walks with a limp, but it certainly doesn’t slow him down, nor does it make him any less loving to those caring for him now.

There are so many more stories like this, but Erin and Jessica choose to focus on these 17 dogs. These dogs will have amazing lives.  They will be loved, fed, given shelter and become an important part of someone’s family.

The most amazing part of this 20+ hour journey back to Wisconsin is that of these 17 dogs, not one of them made a peep the entire drive. They laid in their crates looking around as if they knew their journey was taking them to a better life. At the time this article was written, all of the dogs had already been checked out by a medical professional in Wisconsin and been cleared and or treated for their ailments. Six of the dogs are rehabbing at Central Bark facilities throughout the greater Milwaukee area and the rest have already been placed in foster homes. The majority have all been spayed or neutered or it is scheduled to happen in the next week or so, as only two of the 17 had been previously fixed.

Erin and Jessica, in times like these, thank their customers for their partnership, support and generosity. In four days, they collected enough supplies to stock the facility for at least four months. Together, they  made a difference!

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