Why You Can’t Board Your Dog Without Bringing Him To Day Care

June 21, 2016 :: Posted by meagan

We explain to callers looking for kenneling that first and foremost we are a dog day care facility that offers overnights to our day care customers. There’s a reason for this – and it is all about your dog’s comfort and making sure they get exactly what they need while they’re staying with us.

We are not a traditional kennel, in fact, one of our taglines is that Central Bark is the “unkennel”!

What does “unkennel” mean? Well, kennels traditionally keep dogs separated, in large “runs” or paddocks, where they spend most, if not all, of their time when you leave them. I’m not going to use this space to tell you that it’s not the best situation for a social animal, you can look that up for yourself at another time. I will tell you that it can put additional stress on a dog, and with that can come a host of other possible complications, just as we face when we are stressed.

When your pup is with us for sleepovers, they participate in group activities and get one on one attention every day, leaving them socialized, snuggled, and sacked out by bed time. It’s what we would want for our own dogs, and we really do pride ourselves on treating every dog in our care as if they were our own.

Regular attendance in day care is one of the ways we provide a safe, healthy environment for our guests. Dogs remember their friends – canine and human – and we have the opportunity to monitor ongoing behavior and physical condition. Dogs change as they age, and while some dogs are “lifers” for day care, others may grow out of the heavy duty socialization we offer, and would be more comfortable in a different style of care. Keeping current with these changes whether physical or emotional, is vital to your pup’s happiness and health when they need to stay overnight. We want the pups staying with us to feel like they’re visiting their best friends and we work hard to keep them happy.

We love having our day care friends sleep over, and even though it hurts to say no to some people, we turn away a lot of boarding requests every week to assure our day care customers have a consistent, comfortable and caring environment when they need to stay overnight with us.

If your looking for the best boarding option for your dogs, consider enrolling them in our day care program. This way, when you need dog boarding, you’ll know your leaving your dog in a safe, familiar setting where he won’t be stressed out and will enjoy his sleepover vacation with his good friends (both two legged and four legged) at Central Bark Doggy Day Care. For more information, give us a call at (267) 861-2275 or fill out our easy online enrollment form.

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