Summer Vacation and Boarding Options For Your Pooch

May 30, 2016 :: Posted by central bark doggy day care

It’s that time of year, yes summer! Some of you may have been planning that perfect vacation all year, but there’s probably still that lingering question, Is taking you’re pooch an option? Sometimes the perfect vacation may not seem so perfect if you can’t bring Fido.

There may be a number of reasons your trip may not permit travel with your pup. Maybe it’s a wedding on the opposite coast either too far or complicated to arrange. Maybe it’s a a European getaway that won’t allow your faithful companion. Just because we may want our pup to come along, is it really the right thing for him?

If bringing Fido isn’t an option, there are many different alternatives to explore from house sitters to dog walkers to boarding kennel. Some things to take into consideration if choosing a boarding facility are:

  • At a kennel, will my pup have adequate space to sleep, run, and play? For example a midsize dog would require a run about four feet by ten to be comfortable for extended periods of time. Is your dog comfortable being constrained for long periods of time?
  • How often will your pup be walked, have personal interaction and checked in on? Every dog has different needs & schedules. Frequent walks and exercise will keep Fido happy and release some of the stress of being away from their family.
  • What steps are taken to ensure the environment is sanitary and clean? You should ask to see all areas that your pup will be sleeping, playing, and interacting in. If the facility refuses to show you their rooms or grounds you may want to consider taking your pup elsewhere.

At Central Bark Doggy Day Care our services are exclusive to our doggy day care clients. This means the dogs are familiar with us and the program and enjoy their stay. It is your dog’s home away from home. Don’t you want to have the peace of mind that your pup is safe, happy, and able to run with his pack?

For more information on Central Bark and our sleepover services go to or call 866-799-2275.


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