Celebrate Professional Pet Sitters Week!

March 2, 2014 :: Posted by John Barker


In honor of hardworking pet-care professionals everywhere, the first week of March celebrates Professional Pet Sitters Week (PPSW)!

This week acknowledges the dedicated pet-care givers who provide quality care for companion animals when their owners are away. PPSW is an annual observance which also provides public information about the advantages of professional in-home pet care and encourages pet-loving entrepreneurs to explore professional pet-sitting as a career choice.

More than 7,000 member businesses are encouraged to celebrate the week with pet-sitter networking events, special offers for clients and local media promotions. “Our primary goal is to recognize the tireless efforts of professional pet sitters who work 24/7 to offer the best possible pet-care services,” said Pet Sitters International President Patti Moran. “However, PPSW is also a time to acknowledge the industry’s growth and to anticipate service-related needs for these professionals and the clients they serve.”

Experts say these are some of the biggest advantages to pet-sitting that every pet owner should know about:

  • Your pet can stay at home, in their safe, familiar, secure environment – with familiar scents and their stuff surrounding them.
  • Some older pets which easily get stressed by environmental change or travel can stay at home.
  • It’s easier for pets to stick to their normal routines.
  • Pets who stay in their home environment are less likely to be exposed to illness from other animals in a care facility.
  • A pet-sitter gives your pet individual attention and you won’t have to inconvenience friends, neighbors and family members.
  • With consistent care from someone you know, you and your pet can reduce stress.
  • You save precious time because you won’t have to transport your pet to and from a care facility.
  • Your home will appear more secure with a pet-sitter staying there, eliminating indicators of an unoccupied home.
  • A pet-sitter can give you updates about your pet.
  • You come home to a pet who is well-exercised, well-rested, well-fed and very happy to see you!

For Professional Pet-Sitters Week, give your pet-sitter the rest of the week off and bring your pooch to the nearest Central Bark Doggy Day Care for unparalleled dog services which could rival even the best sitter you know. Click here to find a Central Bark location near you.

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