Your Dog and Shedding

October 9, 2018 :: Posted by John Barker

1235550_730068363675637_1846492797_nIt’s the end of October and as leaves change from green to orange and find their way to the ground, your dog might also be starting to shed his or her fur.

Why does a dog shed? It’s frustrating for us dog owners, no matter how lovable our pets are. Messy hair can cover everything from your car to your furniture and it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. And all dogs, except completely hairless dogs, shed to some degree.

Animals with hair, not just dogs, shed on a regular basis. Think of shedding as the natural life of hair. And all strands of hair grow and eventually shed. Shedding is affected by different factors like breed, age, environment, hormones and a dog’s health.

However, most dogs shed extra during spring and autumn. When the climate gets warmer, dogs shed their winter coat to make way for a lighter summer coat and when it starts to get cooler, dogs shed their lighter undercoats for a thicker, warmer coat.

There’s no way to eliminate shedding. As your pup makes your couch heavier by adding more pounds of hair on it, just remember that it’s a process which is important for all dogs and shaving your dog is not a good idea! It messes up your dog’s self-cooling and self-warming mechanism and will not make shedding any less when the hair grows back.

The best way to deal with shedding is to just keep up with it. Routine dog grooming is very important. Keep up with excessive shedding by brushing or combing your dog’s fur in order to remove dead hairs even before they fall on your carpet, couch, beddings and upholstery. Brushing also helps distribute natural, healthy oils which are produced by the skin throughout the hair coat.

There’s no doubt that shedding is a mess! But as a dog owner, you need to realize that it’s part of the package of having a loving and intelligent companion. Look out for your dog’s interest. Help him clean out his fur and pamper him at your local Central Bark Doggy Day Care. Click here to fetch a location near you.

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