CPR and Your Pooch, would You know how to Respond in an Emergency?

September 15, 2013 :: Posted by Keith

dog_trainer_CPRIt may be a topic a lot of us have never really thought about: an emergency situation involving your dog and the likelihood that knowing CPR could save his or her life. . Please call your local Central Bark Doggy Day Care and inquire about how they can assist you with a broader knowledge.

We all know how fun and playful our pooches can be and sometimes their very own curiosity can put them in harms way. The actual need to know CPR for your dog may be rare but it could save your dogs life and that alone is worth the few hours it takes to learn.

Learning proper hand placement and technique is critical as is counting and monitoring any changes. With the course people use stuffed dog mannequins to help simulate many different situations in the same way one would learn with CPR for people. By taking the course you will benefit both in knowledge and peace of mind by knowing that in an emergency situation you will be up to the task of saving your dogs life.





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