Bite Prevention: Know the Signs

May 7, 2015 :: Posted by kerrikorth


One of our missions at Central Bark is to teach children how to properly approach and interact with dogs in different situations. That’s why we created the Central Bark “Dog Safety and Bite Prevention” program. The year-round program is available through your local Central Bark Doggy Day Care which will visit schools and other youth groups at your request. There is no charge associated with our program which teaches children how to properly interact with dogs so that they never have a traumatic experience– one that might have serious consequences. To learn more click here.

Below are some tips to help you and your children know the signs of a happy dog versus an unhappy dog.

Happy Dog!


  • Happy, low wagging tail
  • Mouth and lips relaxed or may appear to be smiling
  • Eyes are soft and friendly
  • Ears are relaxed
  • Hair will lie smooth
  • Body very loose with a possible play bow or nose nudge to be petted


Unhappy Dog!


    • Tail is up and stiff or tucked tightly between the dogs legs 
    • Mouth and lips are pulled back showing teeth (dog may be barking or growling) 
    • Eyes are hard and may appear black as the pupil is dilated (explain in kid-language) 
    • Ears are folded tightly back in a defensive position 
    • Hair on the back and shoulders might stand up and stick out 
    • Body very rigid and upright leaning forward and high

Central Bark may be coming to your school. Check at the counter to see if Barkley will be making a stop! Fetch Your Location

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