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Traveling With Your Dog

June 25, 2019 :: Posted by Tommy Terrier

There is always something fun to do with your dog in the summertime, from hiking and camping to kayaking and road-tripping, I just can’t get enough!  I have many wonderful memories of past summer adventures and the recent warmer weather has me yearning for more.  If you love exploring nature with your dog or are read more

Things to Know About Heat Stroke

June 25, 2019 :: Posted by Tommy Terrier

Summer?  Is that you?  It’s been a cold and rainy spring in the Midwest, but recent warm temperatures mean that summer is finally on its way!  With heat waves and weather changes approaching, it’s important to remember how this can make outdoor adventures more hazardous for us and our pets.  To begin our Summer Series, read more

Things to Know About Water Intoxication

June 25, 2019 :: Posted by Tommy Terrier

Do you have a dog who loves to swim, retrieve in the water, chase waves, chomp at white caps, run in river streams, play in the sprinklers or catch water from the hose in your back yard?  If so, you should be aware of water intoxication.  Although rare, water intoxication is a life-threatening condition and read more

Preparing for July 4th

June 21, 2019 :: Posted by Tommy Terrier

Summer solstice marks the true beginning of summer, meaning that peak daylight is finally here, and the Fourth of July is just around the corner! As many of us know, fireworks season can be a difficult time for dogs. Whether your dog is sound sensitive or not, we want to share with you some tips read more

Ice Cube Tray Treats

May 23, 2019 :: Posted by Tommy Terrier

This summer you can create fun, tasty, bite-sized ice treats for your dogs in just a few simple steps! Take your ice cube tray and fill ¾ of each slot with a liquid base of either water or low-sodium chicken or beef broth. Add in a small piece of food, here are some of our read more