Doggy Day Care News

Easier Nail Trims

September 4, 2020 :: Posted by ediayi

Looking to make nail trims easier for your dog? Try building up to the actual nail trim incrementally and incorporating food into the process. You can break it down into simple steps that can help your dog feel more comfortable overtime! You can begin with a simple progression like the following: Begin with reaching toward read more

The Skill Every Dog Needs!

September 4, 2020 :: Posted by ediayi

Want to know the number one thing you can teach your dog to strengthen every skill they know and to give them a great foundation for every skill they could learn? It’s simple but can be so intricate and nuanced that even the most advanced dog trainers will tell you this basic skill is one read more

The Power of Relaxation

September 1, 2020 :: Posted by ediayi

As humans we are constantly learning new things. New skills, new information, and practicing new behaviors. From learning to play an instrument, speaking a new language, or simply sprucing up our culinary skills, our growth truly has no limit! However, our ability to learn, retain new information, and practice these new skills relies on a read more

Patriotic Pup Snack

June 30, 2020 :: Posted by Carla Dusel

Your pup may not enjoy fireworks, but there’s no reason they can’t enjoy a special 4th of July treat just for them! Have an ice cube tray at home? Time to get patriotic! Fill each slot of the tray with a spoonful of plain yogurt. In one row of the tray place a mixture of read more

Inside Summer Fun

June 30, 2020 :: Posted by Carla Dusel

Yes, playing outside is fun and is one of the best parts of summer! But sometimes, between the mosquitoes, the sunburn, the heatwaves, and the humidity, you just need a break from the sun and want to be inside with some A/C. This is especially true for dogs! Dogs have it harder when it comes read more