Egon and Ripley

July 1, 2019 :: Posted by Jonie I

Our fun-loving, energetic pair for July is Egon and Ripley! Egon is a 7-year-old Great Pyrenees mix who has been playing with us since August of 2017. He loves to play in the pool, zoom around outside and romp with our jolly balls. He has made several good friends in his two years here including Scout, Blu, Sully, Koda and Maxwell. Last August his 1 year-old lab mix sister, Ripley, joined us for days of fun and enrichment! In the last year she has made some awesome friends as well. Some of Ripley’s best pals are Ellie T., Gryff, Finley, Finnigan and Blu. Ripley also enjoys the pool, loves to play tug with her buddies and always takes part in our group hide and seek games! We love seeing you guys bounce in each week. Congratulations on being our July Dogs of the Month!