How to Properly Groom Your Pup

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How to Properly Groom Your Pup

The amount of grooming required for your pup varies greatly by breed and coat type.

Puppy vaccinations

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What Puppy Vaccinations Are Needed?

Vaccinations Your puppy will likely need to have several vaccinations throughout its life to help protect against preventable diseases.


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Six Keys to Successful Puppy Housetraining

Successful housetraining takes practice and discipline, but there are several ways to speed up the process.

Dog day care

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What is Dog Day Care?

Dog Day Care, such as that provided by Central Bark, satisfies a dog’s inherent need for exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation.

Dog food label

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How to Read a Dog Food Label

Food Quality and Importance They say, ‘we are what we eat,’ and if it is true for us, it is true for our dogs, too! Knowing how to read a dog food label, select a good dog food, how much and when to feed, and how we can control or [.

Train Your Dog Month

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Train Your Dog Month

Ever find yourself at home and bored out of your mind, staring at your phone or tv screen with your dog asleep next to you or at your feet? Well it’s time to stand up and do more with your dog! January is National Train Your Dog Month and we [.