Congratulations, Milo!

Added on March 4, 2017

‘Tis the time for the luck of the Irish and we could not be more lucky than to honor our Border Collie friend, Milo, as our March Dog of the Month! This all-star athlete has been leading our baseball team for the past eight years ever since he was a wee puppy. All of our handlers agree that he has a shot at becoming the next Airbud. In playgroup, there is never a moment where he is not holding a tennis ball in his mouth. When his handlers are getting ready to throw the ball, he analyzes the location of the ball before it will hit the ground so that he rarely ever misses a catch. It is almost as if he has a staring contest with the tennis ball; such an extreme amount of focus and concentration goes into analyzing that tennis ball. He would make a phenomenal catcher on a major league baseball team. Perhaps a little bit of luck may be in the favor of the Brewers if they used him as their catcher for opening day…Congratulations, Mr. Milo; we love you, buddy!

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