Congratulations, Albert!

Added on April 1, 2019

As we hop into April we want to celebrate this hip-pawty hop-pawty Dog, Albert! This cute, cuddly corgi has been running with our pack since he was a teeny tiny puppy! In this time, he has helped welcome so many new pups into the pack and has become very well respected among his peers. He is always willing to ham it up for our paw-parazzi, and is extremely photogenic. Seriously, he’s like a big teddy bear and his handlers cannot get enough of him! He must secretly lead a double life as a baseball pro…One minute he will be chilling with his pals and the second his handler throws the ball, he will quickly sprint over to the opposite end of the yard so he can be the first to catch it. He is a smaller dog with a big paw-sonality and we are so lucky to have him here for daycare. Congrats on being our April Dog of the Month, Albert!