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Taking a break is refreshing, but spending a night away from home can be stressful for both you and your dog. The dog boarding services at Central Bark® provide your dog with a tranquil and comforting environment they are familiar with.

This helps alleviate the anxiety of being away from home and gives you the assurance that they are in a safe and nurturing space.

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Dog Boarding

for dogs enrolled in our Enrichment Dog Day Care Program

Canine companions who frequently participate in Enrichment Dog Day Care at Central Bark have the opportunity for sleepovers with their pals when your family is on vacation or away for the night. These sleepovers provide your dog with a serene and soothing night in a familiar and comfortable environment.

A full day of Enrichment Dog Day Care is included.

Luxury Den Dog Boarding

for dogs enrolled in our Enrichment Dog Day Care Program

24-hour stay in spacious den. Full day of enrichment day care included.

Dog Boarding Pricing

Dog Boarding
for dogs enrolled in our day care program and includes a full day of enrichment doggy day care with each 24-hour stay. 

Upgrade to a luxury den for an extra $5/night.

Day Care enrollment is required for Dog Boarding. Fees may apply for special drop-off or pick-up arrangements. All sales are final.

Read our Dog Boarding Guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does someone stay overnight at dog boarding?

No. After a day of play, most dogs settle quietly to their crate or luxury den and sleep through the night. Most Central Bark stores have cameras to monitor these areas. All of our stores have fire and motion-monitored security systems with keyed-in codes for staff to enter when they arrive. These systems provide 24/7 monitoring, and emergency services get notified quickly should any concerns arise.

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Do I need to bring bedding, toys, or treats for my dog?

Nope! We got you covered! Most dogs will not need any bedding for a single day of day care. If your dog is boarding with us, see our Sleepover Guidelines. As far as treats and toys, we have plenty! Please ask about which toy and treat products are available.

How much does it cost to board a dog?

Boarding service pricing may vary by service and location, as well as the length of stay.

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Is boarding stressful for dogs?

Sleeping in a new or unfamiliar environment can be stressful for some dogs. That’s why we offer sleepovers to dogs already enrolled in our Enrichment Day Care. 

Sleepovers at Central Bark® offer your dog a calm, relaxing sleepover in a place they can feel comfortable and loved. Because they’re in a familiar place, they can feel less stressed about being away from home (and so will you). A full day of Doggy Day Care is complimentary with your sleepover, so your dog can play with their friends after a good night’s rest.

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