Congratulations, Annie!

Our Three cheers to our May Dog of the Month, Annie! This beautiful girl has been an honorable member of our Central Bark family three days a week, for the last year. Each morning, she comes scampering into the lobby, making sure she does a lap around the retail area to make sure no treats are left unsniffed. Shee is quite paw-pular amongst her friends – both young and old and is usually one of the first dogs to welcome our newbies on their first day. One of the best things about Annie is her lovable pawsonality. Her favorite past time by far is marinating in our doggy pools in the summer time. With her sweet, calm and tender demeanor, she is a staff favorite and always leaves time for a few snuggles from the handlers, as long as there are treats involved. Her sweet, mellow paw-sonality just lights up the room and for that, we thank our lucky stars to have her here with us.