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March Dog of The Month

March 1, 2019

Stella, our March Dog of The Month, is a real athlete. This compact Vizsla runs regularly with her Human mom, Emily. Stella is all muscle and energy. She prances around playgroup and welcomes attention from the staff. She’s a beautiful three year-old who has been coming to Central Bark most of her life for daycare, […]

February Dog of The Month

February 4, 2019

Our Valentine is a pug mix cuddly bundle of energy named Oliver. This two-year old started coming to Central Bark as a puppy. From, Oliver’s size, you might think he plays with our small dog group. But Oliver is a solid ball of muscle and goofiness that enjoys the energy of our most active playgroup. […]

January Dog of The Month

January 2, 2019

January’s Dog of The Month is a very dignified lady named Katie. She always sits properly at a door before going through. Katie loves being in playgroup. Once you tell her it’s ok, she bursts into the group! Once in, she prefers light neck nibbling, lounging on play equipment and short games of chase. Her […]

December Dog of The Month

December 5, 2018

We have had the pleasure of watching our December Dog of The Month grow from four months to almost a year old now. Harper is a beautiful German Shepherd with boundless energy. She plays in our most active group and loves to wrestle. We love that she uses all that energy up here at Central […]

November Dog of The Month

November 6, 2018

November is here and we are thankful for our Dog of The Month, Marley! He is a two year old Boxer/Labrador mix and a big lug. Marley looks tough, but he can get nervous and often seeks out reassuring pets from his playgroup leader. Once reassured, he likes to run and wrestle with his friends. […]