Broadview Heights DOM

December Dog of The Month

December 3, 2019

Our December Dog of The Month is as active as they come. Charlie regularly runs with our most playful group. This two year old Yellow Lab wrestles and chases with a big doggie smile and hardly a break. Congratulations Charlie!

November Dog of The Month

November 4, 2019

Our November Dog of The Month brings a big smile and lots of enthusiasm every time she walks in the door. Daisy is a delicate French Bulldog who loves to play with any dog who will join her. She plays regularly in our little dog group. We love to hear all her funny noises and […]

October Dog of The Month

October 2, 2019

October’s Dog of The Month is always so excited when he comes in the door! Denny is a 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. We have had the pleasure of watching him grow up at Central Bark. Denny is full of energy and plays on the ground and in the air with other super active […]

September Dog of The Month

September 5, 2019

Our Dog of The Month has as much range as September’s weather. Stella is a Border Collie mix who can play with any group of dogs. She’s just small enough to play with the little guys, but just big enough and confident enough to mingle with the big dogs. Stella is sweet to humans and […]

August Dog of The Month

August 2, 2019

We might be a month late with our August Dog of The Month. Because, Walter is a firecracker! He’s a French Bulldog who lives with gusto. Walter charges in the front door. Walter charges into playgroup. Walter charges into the pool. The only place he doesn’t charge into is grooming — our little man hates […]