Dog of the month

May Dog of The Month

May 7, 2019

On December 2, 1804 , Napoleon was crowned Emperor of the French. On May 1, 2019, Napoleon was crowned Dog of The Month at Central Bark. Napoleon is a Great Dane and a great dog. Surprisingly, he was shy when he first came to Central Bark and started playing with our mellow group. That changed […]

April Dog of The Month

April 8, 2019

April brings showers — of dogs! Meet Caryn’s lovable 3-pack and our Dogs of The Month: Sandi, Brody, and Celo. These three very different housemates each bring something unique to our playgroups. Sandi the Yorkie is shy and polite, preferring to snuggle with the other dogs over any roughhousing. Brody the white fluffball enjoys a […]

March Dog of The Month

March 1, 2019

Stella, our March Dog of The Month, is a real athlete. This compact Vizsla runs regularly with her Human mom, Emily. Stella is all muscle and energy. She prances around playgroup and welcomes attention from the staff. She’s a beautiful three year-old who has been coming to Central Bark most of her life for daycare, […]

February Dog of The Month

February 4, 2019

Our Valentine is a pug mix cuddly bundle of energy named Oliver. This two-year old started coming to Central Bark as a puppy. From, Oliver’s size, you might think he plays with our small dog group. But Oliver is a solid ball of muscle and goofiness that enjoys the energy of our most active playgroup. […]

January Dog of The Month

January 2, 2019

January’s Dog of The Month is a very dignified lady named Katie. She always sits properly at a door before going through. Katie loves being in playgroup. Once you tell her it’s ok, she bursts into the group! Once in, she prefers light neck nibbling, lounging on play equipment and short games of chase. Her […]