Dog of the month

November Dog of The Month

November 3, 2020

November’s Dog of The Month has a quiet dignity befitting a Giant Schnauzer. When she is not playing, Raven is so silent and peaceful. With her jet black coat and stealthy ways, she would make a great ninja. Congratulations to Raven, our November Dog of The Month!

October Dogs of The Month

October 2, 2020

We need two Dogs of The Month to protect us from the Halloween spirits. Eli the Rottweiler and Bella the Golden Retriever are housemates and regulars at Central Bark. Contrary to stereotypes, Bella is the active player and Eli mostly wants cuddles and affection. Both of their styles are welcome additions to the family. Congratulations […]

September Dog of The Month

September 1, 2020

When September’s Dog of The Month started coming to Central Bark, she was only 12 weeks old. We have watched Riley grow up from a pouncing puppy to a super playful young dog. She loves to wrestle and she loves the water. We call her our dolphin. Now we also call her our Dog of […]

August Dog of The Month

August 3, 2020

Rather than celebrating a single dog, this month’s Dog of The Month celebrates a great friendship. In June of last year, a feisty female Beagle puppy named Cricket joined playgroup. A few months later, an equally active female Old English Sheepdog puppy named Lady Aberdeen joined as well. These two quickly became fast friends and […]

July Dog of The Month

July 1, 2020

July’s Dog of The Month, Rocky the Chocolate Lab, is a playgroup veteran. At ten years old, his smile and cheerful trot still brighten up the day. Rocky’s even kind to our groomer, Julie. He readily gets into the tub when it’s bath time and doesn’t flinch at a nail trim. Please join us in […]