Congrats, Diesel!

Added on January 1, 2016

January 2016 DOG OF THE MONTH
HAPPY NEW YEAR CENTRAL BARK FRIENDS! We introduce our first Dog of the Month for 2016, Diesel the Doberman! Diesel is an absolutely beautiful creature. Anyone who sees him in the lobby (coming or going) comments on his striking good looks. Since he is a Doberman, some might find him intimidating, but really, he is a sweetheart and would not hurt a fly. However, you can find Diesel in the middle of everything. He is ready for action, anywhere and anytime – sometimes requiring a stern scolding (done with love, of course). Diesel is a quick learner and responds appropriately.
Diesel is everyone’s friend and this is a good thing, because he can tire anyone out with his enthusiasm and stamina. Having plenty of dogs around to take their turn is beneficial. While he does have a lot of male pals, clearly Diesel is a ladies’ man. His number one lady is Bella, the Bulldog. Diesel is tall and sleek and Bella…well, she is not. It doesn’t matter because they are always together. Well, maybe not always together. If Diesel is here on a day when Bella is not, he just strolls around dazzling the ladies, and then selects another companion for the day!
Diesel’s human Dad is Nick, a nurse at Cleveland Clinic, who puts in long, long hours. When Nick is not available to chauffeur Diesel around, “grandparents” Theresa and Mark are happy to take over driving duty to Central Bark.
The Doberman originated in Apolda, in Thueringen, Germany around 1890. Look at Diesel and you will see that the Doberman is elegant and noble in appearance. The dog is muscular and is known for its endurance and speed. It is energetic, watchful, fearless and obedient. The Doberman is easily trained and shows great intelligence. A Doberman with good genes and proper training is NOT an aggressive dog. He can be a great dog for a family, will love children and be loyal, tolerant and affectionate.
Dobermans are used around the world as watchdogs and they also serve well with those in the police force or army. Dobermans like to be with people and are not a dog that is suited to kennel life or being tethered in the back yard. They need plenty of human interaction and leadership. Dobermans require mental stimulation and plenty of exercise.
With three loving family members, our Diesel gets all the attention, exercise and stimulation he needs. You will recognize Diesel in the lobby – he is the one with the good manners and good looks. Congratulate him on being the first Dog of the Month for 2016!

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