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Help your dog look and feel their best with dog grooming services in Broadview Hieghts

Indulge in the joy of snuggling with your dog, soft, clean, and oh-so-fresh. At Central Bark’s dog grooming salon in Broadview Heights, we have everything to maintain your dog’s cleanliness, health, and comfort.

Whether it’s a quick bath or an extensive grooming session, our skilled groomers specialize in providing a serene experience for your furry friend. For an extra layer of relaxation, consider including enrichment activities during their spa day.

Just like people, every dog is one-of-a-kind. That’s why we believe in tailoring grooming services to suit their size, breed, coat type, and condition. Prices, products, and services may vary accordingly. Feel free to inquire with our team for more details.

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Dog Grooming Services

Treat your beloved pet to Central Bark’s premium dog grooming services in Broadview Heights, OH. Our commitment is to enhance your furry friend’s well-being and appearance, and here’s what we offer:

  • Dog Baths: Indulge your pup with rejuvenating baths using premium shampoos and conditioners, tailored to their specific needs.
  • Dog Grooms: Our skilled groomers enhance your dog’s natural beauty while ensuring their comfort and individual breed requirements are met.
  • Dog Nail Care: Keep your dog’s nails healthy with gentle trimming, even for anxious dogs, creating a calm experience.
  • Dog Ear Hygiene: Maintain optimal ear health with our gentle ear-cleaning service, providing the care your companion deserves.
  • Dog Dental Care: Prioritize your dog’s oral health with our teeth-brushing routine using dog-friendly toothpaste, preventing plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Additional Spa Treatments: Elevate their spa experience with pleasant paw treatments, nourishing coat conditioning, or tranquil massages for added relaxation. Your pet’s comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

So fresh. So clean.

Enjoy cuddling with your soft, clean, healthy, and happy pup.


 Ask us for a personalized estimate for your dog.

Grooming services and pricing vary based on the dog’s breed, size, hair length, coat condition, and temperament. Final quote provided at the time of service. 

Spa Bath
Bath, blow out, brush out, nail trim, and ear clean. 
45 & Up
Mini Groom
Spa Bath and a foot, face, and sanitary trim.
55 & Up
Full Groom
Spa Bath and a full haircut.
65 & Up

À La Carte

Coat Care
Brush out and de-shed treatment available.
10 & Up
Nail Trim
Clippers or Dremel based on dog’s comfort level. 
Gland Expression15
Ear Clean10
Teeth Brush10
Special Products
Special shampoo and blueberry facial available.
5 & Up

For extra-large dogs or dogs with special needs, please contact us. All sales are final.

Daniel R.
Taking my dog for a walk from the travel plaza ,I stumbled apon this nice pet boutique with, doggie daycare and grooming and a nice selection of dog treats and dog food the staff is friendly and welcomingif you walk down that back road from the plaza its maybe a [...]
Joanna K.
Great daycare. My shy pup loved it and he came home so tired and happy! They are very structured in introducing newcomers so it made me feel safe and comfortable dropping my dog off for the day.
Ann T.
Our pup Jesse spent his first day of many I hope, at Central Bark. He had a wonderful day! Lots of photos, communicative and caring staff and we felt very safe and confident with our pup in their care! Jesse said 5 starts to Central Bark!
Julia M.
So unbelievably happy to have this wonderful place nearby. Our seven-month-old puppy is never so excited to get in the car as when she thinks she's going to daycare. She's a herding breed that can be shy of other dogs, but the staff has done a great job finding her [...]
Gina F.
We love and are so comfortable with sending our dog to Central Bark. He always comes home and is happy and healthy - not overly tired from an “anxious” atmosphere as we have experienced at other dog daycares. Thanks for being so great with him! We highly recommend!
Penelope D.
Best dog daycare in the area. They have supervised play and daily enhancement activities that keep your pups engaged. CB also has a full-service salon.The staff is great, and Jennifer, the owner, is terrific. Can't say enough good things about Central Bark!
Teri B.
Our dogs Scarlet, Stella and little Olive love Central Bark we have had the best care from everyone there they love all of the team - Jake and Bob thanks for always helping us!!! We would trust no one else to care for our dogs when we aren’t home! Overnight [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a dog groomed?

All dogs are different, and like humans, your dog deserves grooming customized to their size, breed, and level of attention. For this reason, prices may vary by service and location.

Learn more about our Dog Salon & Spa.

What dog grooming services do you offer?

We offer everything you need to keep your dog clean, healthy, and comfortable at our Salon & Spa. Our expert groomers focus on creating a calm and relaxing experience your dog can enjoy. 

We offer:

  • Dog baths
  • Dog grooming
  • Dog ear cleaning
  • Dog teeth brushing
  • Dog nail trims
  • Dog deshed treatments
  • Dog brush outs
  • Dog gland expressions
  • And more

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What does a dog groomer do?

Our expert groomers always aim to help your dog feel as calm and relaxed as possible during bathing and grooming, making it an experience they can enjoy and look forward to. 

At Central Bark, we offer a wide array of services customized to your dog, including:

  • Dog baths
  • Dog grooming
  • Dog ear cleaning
  • Dog teeth brushing
  • Dog nail trims
  • Dog deshed treatments
  • Dog brush outs
  • Dog gland expressions
  • And more

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Do groomers sedate dogs?

No. At Central Bark®, we never sedate dogs in our salon. Our expert groomers always aim to help your dog feel as calm and relaxed as possible during their bathing and grooming experience.  

Suppose your dog has shown extreme stress or anxiety toward grooming in the past. In that case, we suggest speaking with a trusted veterinarian and one of our reward-based trainers about how we can best support your dog. 

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