Your Dog Boarding Checklist

Leaving your furry friend in someone else’s care can be a tough decision for any dog owner. Whether it’s a business trip, a family vacation, or any other reason that takes you away from home, finding the right dog boarding facility is crucial to ensure your pet’s comfort, safety, and happiness. At Central Bark, we understand the bond you share with your canine companion. We commit to provide a home away from home. Would love for you to consider us for your dog boarding needs. But, we know you have choices. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve crafted a basic dog boarding checklist below.

Dog Boarding Checklist

  • Health and Safety Standards: Ensure the facility is clean, well-maintained, and meets health and safety regulations.
  • Vaccination Requirements: Always confirm a boarding facility’s vaccination policies. Most reputable places will require up-to-date vaccinations to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Accommodations: Tour the facility, Check the living conditions – spacious, comfortable, and secure.
  • Playtime: Inquire about supervised playtime and activities. Verify that the staff assesses each dog’s temperament to create appropriate playtime routines.
  • Staff-to-Dog Ratio: Ask about the staff-to-dog ratio to ensure that there is adequate supervision and attention for all the dogs in the facility.
  • Feeding and Medication: Provide detailed information about your dog’s dietary and medical needs. Make sure there is protocol for managing medical needs.
  • Communication: Check the facility’s communication policy – regular updates, photos, and a contact person for emergencies should be available.
  • Emergency Protocols: Inquire about the facility’s emergency procedures and how they handle unexpected situations or health issues.

Dog Boarding at Central Bark

We get it. Travel can bring a little bit of anxiety, especially if your undecided about boarding your pet. At Central Bark we offer two types of boarding services: one for our existing day care dogs and another for our non-daycare dogs. No matter which category your dog falls into, Central Bark is a place where your dog can spend the night and feel comfortable and loved. We know that dogs aren’t just like family – they are family. As dog parents ourselves, we take great pride in treating each dog like they’re our own.

Our goal is to ensure that all dogs at Central Bark are having a fun and positive experience that supports their behavioral health, sociability, and emotional well-being. Each overnight guest receives a restful night’s sleep, followed by a day of play, exercise, and plenty of TLC from our staff. Our staff will go above and beyond to make sure your dog gets plenty of attention to make them feel at ease and comfortable until you return. Our spacious dens are perfect for dogs who need a little extra room to stretch out and relax. Also, our dens are in a quiet area of the facility so your dog can get some rest and relaxation when needed.

What You Should Bring for Boarding at Central Bark

No matter which service you choose, when your dog is spending the night at Central Bark, you should make sure all required forms are either uploaded to your online account or submitted before your scheduled visit. That includes including proof of vaccination. Here’s what you should bring.

  • Food: Pre-measure in baggies and label for each meal.
  • Food containers: Store individual meal baggies in a large air-tight plastic container. Clearly label with dog’s first and last name.
  • Comforts from home: You may bring a blanket or towel from home if you like. Just make sure it can fit in a standard washer and dryer so we can keep everything fresh and clean during your dog’s stay.
  • Medication: Pre-measure in a pill reminder. Original medicine containers must come with your pet in case of emergency.
  • Toys: You can bring up to two safe toys with you. Don’t bring anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with your dog having unsupervised at home. Please label all your dog’s belongings with a permanent marker.

What You Shouldn’t Bring for Boarding at Central Bark

  • Dog beds: Large dog beds that cannot be washed easily in a standard washer and dryer. 
  • Tennis balls: We have plenty! 
  • Food or water bowls from home: We provide stainless steel bowls that can easily be sanitized and washed daily. Ours also attach to your dog’s crate to help us keep everything clean and dry.    
  • Old, broken, or unsafe toys: The most important thing to remember is not to bring anything you think your dog could chew up or swallow. Safety is our priority.  
  • For a full list of guidelines, rules & regulations, and risks, anyone can check out our Client Agreement and Rules & Regulations Forms.

By using this comprehensive Dog Boarding Checklist and preparing your dog for the experience, you can ensure that your furry loved one has a safe, enjoyable, and tail-wagging time. At Central Bark, we understand the unique needs of every dog, and our dedicated staff is committed to providing the highest standard of care. Trust us to be your dog’s home away from home.

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