Travelling With Your Dog

There is always something fun to do with your dog in the summertime, from hiking and camping to kayaking and road-tripping, I just can’t get enough!  I have many wonderful memories of past summer adventures and the recent warmer weather has me yearning for more.  If you love exploring nature with your dog or are planning any vacations with your dog as your co-pilot, I’m sharing my list of dog travel essentials to help you be best prepared for your adventures together!

Travel Packing List:

  • Crate – this is a safe space for your dog that can be transported anywhere you’re going; to a friend’s house, a picnic, a road trip, a hotel, etc. Keeping your dog in a crash-tested crate, like the Ruff Land Kennel, while driving can help keep your dog safe in case of an accident.
  • Bed/Blankets – having a familiar and comfortable place to rest can bring your dog a lot of comforts as you travel or while they’re crated.
  • Water – plan to have generous amounts of clean water with you as you travel to prevent heatstroke and don’t forget the dog bowl.
  • Food – pack plenty of your dog’s usual food and their food dish. Airtight containers will help keep food fresh and keep insects out.  *Remember to also pack their usual medications and supplements, if they have any.
  • Chews – providing chews and treats to your dog can help keep them busy and allows them to self-soothe and relax (by lowering their heart rate) as they lick and chew. Chews could be bully sticks, beef bones, or stuffed Kong’s with spreadable food to refill them. For more on how you can use enrichment toys to promote healthy rest, click here.
  • Toys – just like blankets or a bed, toys can bring your dog comfort in new places. It’s also important for them to receive regular play and exercise while on a trip to keep them healthy and happy.
  • Vaccination Records – always keep a copy of your dog’s most recent vaccination records with you as you travel. Some areas you’re traveling to may require proof of vaccination.
  • List of Medications – if you have to visit an animal urgent care center with your dog, they may need to know what medications your dog is on for care and treatment.
  • First Aid Kit – there are many pre-made kits you can purchase online. Make sure your kit includes an antihistamine, for allergic reactions, and activated charcoal, in case your dog accidentally ingests toxic substances or plants.
  • Flea and Tick Spray – in addition to monthly preventatives, applying a dog-safe flea and tick spray can be a good extra precaution before venturing out into tall grass or wooded areas.
  • Towels – just in case your pup gets muddy or wet during a potty break, a walk, or a fun adventure.
  • Leash & Harness – ensure you always have a safe way to be connected to your dog to keep them safe. Always follow local leash laws in the area you’re visiting.
  • Collar & ID Tag – your dog should always wear identification on their collar. Should they become separated from you for any reason, their name and your phone number are the most important pieces of information they should wear at all times.
  • Light-Up Collar or Collar Light – if you’ll be going out at night with your dog, it’s important that everyone can see exactly where they are.
  • Long Line – this safety tool, a long leash typically 20-30ft in length, allows your dog to have more room to run, sniff and roll while at a park or out on a trail. *To prevent injury, a long line should always be attached to your dog’s back-clip harness and never to their collar.
  • Life Jacket – this is an important item to have with you if you’re planning on visiting a body of water or boating with your dog. Help your dog feel comfortable wearing the life jacket before using it by feeding them treats as you try it on them at home.

Have fun this summer and use this packing list when preparing for your next adventure.  What trips await you and your dog this summer?  Do you have any fond memories of past adventures together?  Where is your favorite place to go with your dog?  Share your story with us on Facebook or Instagram!  Find us at Central Bark USA.  Use #cbusasummertrip in your post to show us your fun journeys!


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