Tears of Joy – New Study Details Link Between Tears and Emotions in Dogs

As a dog owner, we’ve all seen it. We know it’s real. A wagging tail, a playful lick, a spin of excitement. We know when our dogs are happy to see us. But now, there may be some scientific evidence behind it.

New research from Japanese scientists suggests that a dog’s eyes may well up with tears of happiness when reunited with owners after a period of absence. Dogs, like human, have tear ducts, but they’ve never been linked with true emotion before.

There’s still a lot the researchers don’t know about dog tears. Humans often cry in response to negative emotions, but researchers didn’t test to see if dogs did the same, too. They also don’t know if a dog’s ability to tear up plays a social function in the canine world.

But as dog owners and dog lovers, we know the emotion is real. Maybe the science is finally catching up.

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