September is National Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Here Are the 5 Best Ways to Celebrate

Did you know that September is National Responsible Dog Ownership Month? Hosted annually by the American Kennel Club, it’s a month that helps educate the public about the responsibilities of dog ownership and helps current owners enhance their relationship with their fur babies.

We at Central Bark certainly believe that this is a month worth celebrating, so we compiled our top 5 best ways to partake and practice your own responsible dog ownership:

1. Find their joy in exercise

While we as pet parents typically start out with good intentions related to our dogs’ exercise (taking them to the park, bringing them along for a swim or hike, etc.), most of us eventually fall back on the traditional walk around the block. But National Responsible Dog Ownership Month reminds us of our responsibility to find an activity that our dogs love and that brings them joy. Take this month to expose your dog to different types of physical activity and see which one results in the most energy and tail-wagging.

2. Prioritize their health and wellness

If you’ve been putting off taking your dog to the vet (don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it at times), National Responsible Dog Ownership Month is the perfect time to schedule those appointments. Take the opportunity to bring your dog in for a regular exam and talk to their care provider about their dental health, diet, and making sure they’re up-to-date on all their vaccinations!

After their visit, feel free to bring your pooch by your local Central Bark to be pampered in our salon & spa. From baths and grooming to nail trims and ear cleaning, we offer a variety of personalized services that will leave your dog squeaky clean and feeling refreshed.

3. Strengthen your bond through training

Training not only enforces positive behaviors we want to see in our dogs, but it makes them feel safer. There’s comfort in having a routine. At Central Bark, we offer both individual training and enrichment sessions as well as group classes to reinforce good habits and foster the loving bond you have with your dog. Training builds a foundation for good canine citizenship and helps develop happy, social, well-rounded dogs. Learn more here!

4. Develop connections through socialization

Socializing your dog from puppyhood or a young age can greatly benefit them in the span of their life. Being exposed to situations and circumstances they’re likely to encounter in their day-to-day helps them develop necessary coping skills. Socialization is what we’re all about at Central Bark! Our Enrichment Doggy Day Care gives dogs of all ages a place to play and learn in a safe and loving environment and provides them the opportunity to develop friendships to last a lifetime.

5. Practice safety first

Being a responsible dog owner means ensuring that your dog thrives in the most secure environment possible. This means making sure your yard or outdoor area is properly fenced, they have access to clean drinking water and shelter from the elements, all their equipment (collar, leash, harness) is in working order, and more.

National Responsible Dog Ownership Month also presents the perfect time to make sure your dog is microchipped in the event of an escape as well as prepare for emergencies. From wildfires in the west to hurricane season underway in the east, having an emergency preparedness plan in place will help to ensure your faithful companion is safe and secure.


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