Dog Poison Prevention

The month of March is Poison Prevention Month, in honor of that, we’d like to share 5 tips for keeping your dog safe!

  1. Keep all food items out of your dog’s reach. There are many foods that are dangerous for your dog. You can find a list of them here. To be safe, you should always store food in an area that your dog doesn’t have access to.
  2. Put a childproof lock on cabinets that contain chemicals or cleaners. If you store your cleaners under your kitchen or bathroom sink be sure those cabinets are secured with a childproof locking system or be sure that your dog doesn’t have access to those spaces when you aren’t home.
  3. Make sure your toilet lid is always closed. If you use toilet gels on the rim of the toilet bowl or tablets in the toilet tank, the water sitting in your toilet is toxic. Make sure you always keep the lid closed so your dog does not have access to that water.
  4. Keep your garbage can secure. When leaving your dog unattended make sure to put your garbage can in a secure space or invest in a sturdy canister. A flimsy container that is left out will be easily knocked over which is hazardous in many ways.
  5. Keep emergency supplies and information handy. Most emergency vet clinics have refrigerator magnets with their phone number, address, and hours listed. Be sure to have that information so you are prepared if you need it. Speak with your vet about emergency supplies, like activated charcoal and peroxide, and how to use those items in case of an emergency.

You can download this app from the ASPCA for your phone for a complete list of foods, chemicals and more, that are toxic to animals.