October is National Pit Bull Month

Since our inception, Central Bark has been committed to a just and inclusive world where no one discriminates based on race, religion, origin, sexual orientation, gender, and breeds. That’s just the way we’re wired and something we will never change. And that includes Pit Bulls.

Pit Bulls were once a proud American icon. They are war heroes, movie stars, police dogs, therapy dogs, and service dogs. They are amazingly loyal companions, but over time the actions of a few have taken the qualities of loyalty, strength, and eagerness to please, which can make these dogs such amazing companions, and used them in a negative way that has resulted in an entire breed to be stigmatized.

It’s no secret that pit bulls, and pit-mixes, are at the very core of breed-specific legislation, discrimination, and a negative bias. Despite continued efforts by supporters, much of the public is overwhelmingly misinformed about the breed. The myths that the breed is inherently dangerous or that they have locking jaws continues to be publicized. These untruths contribute to the negative bias against these animals. Pit bull owners are limited in the communities in which they can reside with their four-legged family members. They are restricted from venues, airlines, dog-friendly restaurants, and even entire counties.

October is National Pit Bull Month and a great opportunity for shelters, rescue organizations and others to spotlight the breed with adoption, education and responsible ownership events. And at Central Bark, we will never discriminate based on breed.


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