Military Dogs and Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, while celebrating the men and women who have served the country bravely, let’s also take a moment to remember and honor a few of the many military dogs who have served alongside them.

Sergeant Stubby

The most decorated military dog of World War I and the only dog to be given the rank of Sergeant.  Stubby, originally found as a stray on the Yale campus in 1917, was a part of 17 battles and served for about 18 months.


A four-pound legend who brought smiles to the faces of every soldier she met and helped to heal the wounded through therapy work and trick demonstrations.  She was a tiny dog with a big heart who made a difference in the lives of many.


The most decorated military dog of World War II, Chips served in the Army for 3½ years.  In January of 2018, 72 years after his passing, he received the Dickin Medal for his incredible service.


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