Keeping Your Memorial Day Celebrations Dog Safe

While you may not be celebrating Memorial Day at a parade, here are four tips for keeping your dog safe on Memorial Day!

  1. While it’s usually not a Memorial Day occurrence, if you hear fireworks the safest thing to do is take your dog inside. If you know your neighbors or neighborhood will be having fireworks, keep your dog inside during the duration of the display. Fireworks can be startling and scary for some dogs, so having them stay in a safe space indoors is a priority. If they need a potty break, take them out on a leash to be safe and keep identification on the collar they’re wearing.
  2. If you’re planning on grilling out, keep your dog away from the grill to avoid a fire hazard. You can do this by having your dog indoors, have a puppy pen around the grill, or having your dog on a leash with another person holding onto them.
  3. If you’ll be busy with celebrations at home, keep your dog busy with a food puzzle toy. This way they’ll be so entertained working for their treats, they won’t even bother to try taking yours.
  4. Keep all foods out of reach if you’re preparing a special meal. You don’t want your dog getting into the food you’ve been drooling over! Plus, the food your serving may not be good for your dog. It’s best to keep all food items out of reach to ensure your dog’s safety.

See you next time, at Central Bark!


Carla is a Behavior & Operation Advisor for Central Bark and co-owns a dog training and behavior consulting business, Good Karma Canine. Carla has three dogs Karma, a seven-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix; Gypsy, a five-year-old Bull Terrier/Lab Mix; and Newt, a two-year-old Chihuahua.


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