Holiday Kong Recipe

In your dog’s toy bin you probably have a Kong Classic or two. You’ve probably filled them with peanut butter or dog treats, and maybe you’ve even frozen them before. But I bet you’ve never made your dog a Christmas Kong! What’s a Christmas Kong, you ask? A Christmas Kong is a Kong stuffed with holiday cheer then frozen solid to create a frosty holiday treat! It’s so easy to do, and your dog will probably love it so much, that you’ll end up gifting your dog a Christmas Kong for every holiday going forward! The steps are as follows:

In a bowl mix the following ingredients:

  1. One small jar of sweet potato baby food
  2. 3 fresh, washed cranberries
  3. 1 plain, chopped green bean
  4. A few pieces of shredded turkey breast (no bone)

Next, take a small piece of turkey breast or green bean to plug the small hole at the top of the Kong.  Then, fill with the Christmas Kong recipe!  Place your Kong in the freezer overnight and on Christmas Day let your dog enjoy their tasty treat!