Here’s How to Have the Best National Puppy Day Ever

It’s coming up on March 23rd and here at Central Bark we’re kind of puppy obsessed – so here’s how to have the best National Puppy Day ever. From their crazy erratic tails to awkward jumps, soft snuggles, and millions of “aww”-worthy moments – puppies are just kind of magical. And if you’re in love with puppies as much as we are, National Puppy Day is your excuse to take your puppy obsession to a whole new level.

What is National Puppy Day?

It’s maybe the best holiday ever. It’s like Christmas, New Years, your birthday, Thanksgiving, and July 4th all rolled up into one day of celebrating puppies! If you have a new puppy in your life, every day might feel like National Puppy Day as you squiggle your hands through their soft fur or play with a ball down on the floor. But we know that puppies are a lot of work too. There’s potty training and crate training, basic commands and so much more that goes into getting your puppy well-adjusted and even socialized. And if you’re ever looking for help with that, Central Bark Puppy Hour or Central Bark Doggy Training & Enrichment might be a great place to start.

How to Celebrate National Puppy Day

So how can you make the most of National Puppy Day with your own puppy this year? No matter the budget or schedule, we’ve got some suggestions for turning March 23rd into a full-on celebration.

  • Spoil Them Rotten: It’s ok, we do it too. That is buying all kinds of cute toys for our puppies to play with. National Puppy Day is a great excuse to grab that cool plushie or chew toy you’ve had an eye on. Best part is that puppies don’t care how much you spend. They just want to play with you.
  • Share an Experience: We get it. Life sometimes gets in the way. But if you’ve only got 15 minutes to spare, then think about playing a quick game with your puppy focused only on them. If you have an hour, maybe bake a special treat, take a walk, or go for an ice cream.
  • Spend the Day: And if you have a whole day, make it an adventure, and go for a hike, spend the day at a park, or go to the beach – just remember plenty of rest, water, and snacks along the way.


If your approach to pet parenting is anything like ours, it’s full of passion, compassion, and respect. So why not celebrate National Puppy Day in a new way by paying it forward. Consider donating new toys, bedding, and other necessary items to a local shelter. Or you could even volunteer at a local shelter. And if you can’t make it out, then consider sharing and liking social media posts from your local shelters to help spread the word.


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