Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month! In honor of this we’re sharing some ways to engage this month and support the animals we share this planet with.

Donate, Volunteer and Fundraise

One of the easiest ways to support the prevention of cruelty to animals is by lending a hand to your local shelters who work hard to protect and care for animals in need. There are a few ways to do this! You can volunteer your time by becoming a shelter dog walker, cleaner, socializer, or foster parent. You can create a fundraiser for your local shelter by organizing a walk/run, collecting supplies such as food, treats, and toys from friends, family, and neighbors, holding a bake sale, or an arts and crafts event where a portion of the proceeds are sent to the shelter. You can also simply decide to support your local shelter with a monetary donation. To learn more, reach out to the shelters in your area to discuss the types of supplies they’re most in need of or if there are any other ways you could support them.

Report Animal Cruelty

It goes without saying that this is an incredibly important aspect of putting an end to cruelty and abuse. Familiarize yourself with the laws in your area and who you should reach out to if you witness animal abuse or cruelty. Your local law enforcement, animal control, or shelter organization will have the information you need to report your concerns. Be sure to document the details of the situation—the date, time, location, and person(s) involved are all important information. If you’re safely able to document through photos or videos, these elements can help strengthen the case. Takedown the information of anyone else who may have witnessed the event, they should also report the incident.

Know Your Local Laws

Research your local laws and legislation. If you find that the legislation in your area is lacking, take the time to write to or call your city council. Be a positive influence on your community. If you need a larger team, connect with your local pet stores about handing out informative flyers to shoppers or contact your local shelters to introduce yourself and your efforts to their volunteer base. After all, there is strength in numbers.

Spread the Word

Share your stories and efforts on social media! Connect with your community and work to shine a light on animal cruelty through awareness and education. You never know who might be influenced by you and the change and effort that can be inspired to support this cause.

Do you have a story to share or an idea of raising awareness and support? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Find us on Facebook at Central Bark USA and share with us!


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