Central Bark Positions its Franchisees for Multi-Unit Success

For nearly 20 years, Central Bark has drawn in dogs and their owners across the country to experience its Enrichment Doggy Day Care, which combines Central Bark’s industry-leading doggy day care expertise with the latest in canine behavior science. Today, Central Bark has expanded to nearly 40 locations across the country as we’ve grown into one of the most trusted and highly regarded doggy day care franchises.

While our brand has grown strategically over the last two decades, some things have remained constant. Central Bark’s approach to dog care is just not something you find very often in large chains or in most independent stores. Our Enrichment Doggy Day Care, which combines Central Bark’s industry-leading doggy day care expertise with the latest in canine behavior science provides a healthy and balanced blend of exercise, social group play, learning, rest, and “TLC” to help dogs be healthy, happy, calm, and well-rounded members of the family. Furthermore, and to diversify our revenue streams for our franchisees, Central Bark also offers dog boarding, baths, grooming, a retail market, training and more.

Plus, we’re an established business model, which has been proven to be pandemic and recession resistant. Pet ownership statistics show ownership levels have reached new highs during the past couple of years. A 2021-2022 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) found that 70% of households own a pet. Among the 70%, there are 69 million U.S. households that own a dog compared to 45.3 million households that own a cat.

The foundation for Central Bark’s multi-unit ownership begins with the basics – a commitment to the communities in which we operate, built around the latest in canine behavioral science and positive reinforcement training. While doggy day care is at our core, we have grown and introduced new service lines along the way to diversify our revenue streams while refining our systems and procedures for dog care. Today, a typical Central Bark features day care, sleepovers, training & enrichment, salon & spa, puppy hour, retail market, and more. These simple, but effective pillars of business are a big reason why so many Central Bark owners continue to eclipse the $1M in revenue mark while thriving in today’s marketplace.

Central Bark has developed a special business recipe that sets up multi-unit owners for success. We offer deep and strong corporate support systems throughout every single phase on ownership, a streamlined business model, strong brand identity, a passionate executive leadership team, and best-in-class franchisee relationships.

But just don’t take our word for it.

“It’s always good to grow with a company that keeps reinvesting in itself,” says Central Bark Multi-Unit Franchisee Allen Stanczak. “Investing in Central Bark is the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only does it provide a great lifestyle, but it’s also a business I can be proud of. Our commitment to our dogs and to our customers is second to none. And it’s backed by the latest in canine behavioral science. As a Central Bark franchisee, I get to reap the benefits of business ownership by delivering a service to my community that I am proud of and by seeing my return on investment through our constant growth.”

In addition to the strength of relationships between franchisee and the Central Bark office, the entire Central Bark system is designed to position local franchise owners for success.

“Our local teams and the corporate team are always working to help with hiring, marketing, and technology,” adds Stanczak. “Everyone sees it. The pet care space is booming and that is leading to major success in today’s market.”

With a strong brand identity, excellent franchisee relationships, and a passionate executive team firmly established, Central Bark boasts an initial investment that ranges from $520,063 – $874,556, including an initial franchise fee of $45,000. As a Central Bark franchisee, you’ll be joining a national dog day care franchise in the $200 billion plus pet care space.

With plenty of room to still grow across the U.S., Central Bark continues to be one of the best performing franchise systems in the industry. We possess some of the most experienced real estate professionals in the business that can help candidates find optimal locations that fit specific needs and market conditions. Plus, our highly scalable business model allows for tremendous growth. 

For more information on franchise ownership, visit centralbarkusa.com/franchising


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