August is Family Fun Month – Here’s How to Celebrate with Your Dog

It’s true, whether we like it or not. Summer is winding down and that means we’ll be trading lazy afternoons with the family for busy school schedules, after school projects, sports leagues, and tons of fall activities over the next few months. But summer isn’t over quite yet, and since August is National Family Fun Month, you should be taking every opportunity to squeeze in a little more quality time with family – both two-legged and four-legged.

Whether you want to relax and lounge, or blast calories and break a sweat, Central Bark has sniffed out these fun things the whole family can do with your dog. And there’s no reason the family nights must stop at the end of August! Use these as a starting point to start your own monthly traditions.

Paws & Picnics

If you are headed out for a picnic at the local beach or park, do some research before you go. There are some great dog-friendly parks and beaches that welcome canine family members! 

Take a Hike

Why do we like hiking? It’s because of the fresh air, the exercise, the feeling you get when you reach the summit. Your dog feels the same way! Explore dog-friendly hiking trails in your area and take your pup on a new adventure.

Weekend Get-Away

There are plenty of places where your pooch is welcome to stay, just do a simple search for pet-friendly accommodations. You will find hotels and log cabins, as well as cottages and cute glamping tents. Pick one and have a memorable getaway with your pup!

Stand Up Paddle Board

If you haven’t already noticed, a stand-up paddle board just happens to fit more than one person. There is easily room for a dog or two! We get it – teaching your dog to balance on a paddle board is probably one of the most challenging things to do on this list, but in the end, it’ll be so much fun to paddle down a scenic river or on a smooth lake. Don’t forget to have your pup wear a dog life jacket, like the Ruffwear Float Coat. Even if your dog is an excellent swimmer, extra precautions are necessary when adventuring in open water.

Take a Nap Together

Although simple, this might be what you and your pup will love to do together the most! If possible, why not make it a regular thing even? It’s such an excellent way for both of you to recharge your batteries mid-day. So, cuddle up on the couch together and enjoy!

Dog Date Day

Think about what activities your dog likes best and try to plan the whole day around those activities. Have a dog who likes to get up early? Set an alarm and get your dog out for an early morning walk! Spend extra time out walking or take your dog on a “coffee date” to the drive-through to get a treat for you and a “pup cup” for your dog (most coffee shops will give out small paper cups with whipped cream to dogs for free with your order).  You can play your dog’s favorite games and try to visit some of your dog’s favorite places. 

The end of summer is the perfect opportunity to celebrate everything your dog means to you and your family. Dogs love us unconditionally and it’s our job as pet parents to give them the best life possible. Honor that special connection and that loyalty by spending some extra quality time with your dog during Family Fun Month. We promise you won’t regret it.