Central Bark Doggy Day Care “Bite Prevention”
Program Highlights

Signs of a happy or friendly dog


  • Happy, low wagging tail
  • Mouth and lips relaxed or may appear to be smiling
  • Eyes are soft and friendly
  • Ears are relaxed
  • Hair will lie smooth
  • Body very loose with a possible play bow or nose nudge to be petted

Signs of an unhappy or unfriendly dog


  • Tail is up and stiff or tucked tightly between the dog’s legs
  • Mouth and lips are pulled back showing teeth (dog may be barking or growling)
  • Eyes are hard and may appear black as the pupil is dilated (explain in kid-language)
  • Ears are folded tightly back in a defensive position
  • Hair on the back and shoulders might stand up and stick out
  • Body very rigid and upright leaning forward and high

How to safely approach a dog?

When is it all right to approach a dog? When do you think you should NOT pet a dog?”
Here are some basic rules:

NEVER approach a dog…

  • without your mommy or daddy or an adult.
  • that is pinned, chained or tied to anything
  • that is alone and unattended.
  • is behind a fence or in a cage.
  • that is off leash.
  • that is eating.
  • that is sleeping.
  • with puppies.
  • without asking its owner if it is ok first.