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How Old Is My Pet in Dog Years or Cat Years?

August 30, 2018 :: Posted by stevenantonson

By Jesse Grady, Mississippi State University| July 24, 2018 “Just how old do you think my dog is in dog years?” is a question I hear on a regular basis. People love to anthropomorphize pets, attributing human characteristics to them. And most of us want to extend our animal friends’ healthy lives for as long read more

What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?

August 30, 2018 :: Posted by stevenantonson

Vegetables can be a great addition to your dog’s diet if you stick to those that are safe and hand out an appropriate amount. So which vegetables are good for dogs? Let’s explore the best vegetables for dogs by veggie type. By Wendy Newell, Whole Dog Journal As omnivores, dogs can digest plants as well read more

A Well-Trained Dog is a Dog Out of Danger

July 26, 2018 :: Posted by stevenantonson

You’re a dedicated pet parent. Your dog has a reliable set of behaviors: sit… down… stay… a recall… but only under pristine conditions. You’re asking yourself “how can I enable those behaviors when I really need them, when he’s away from home or off-leash?” Here’s your answer: Beyond the Back Yard: Train Your Dog to read more

The Dogs We Love: Too Little Time Together

July 26, 2018 :: Posted by stevenantonson

Social media has been an incredible tool for us dog owners. We can share photos, videos, and stories about our beloved companions, and our friends and relatives and even casual acquaintances can get to know our dogs – laughing at their cute or funny antics, commiserating with us over canine behavior we find problematic, or read more

October/November/December 2017 vol 56

December 27, 2017 :: Posted by stevenantonson