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Patriotic Pup Snack

June 30, 2020 :: Posted by Carla Dusel

Your pup may not enjoy fireworks, but there’s no reason they can’t enjoy a special 4th of July treat just for them! Have an ice cube tray at home? Time to get patriotic! Fill each slot of the tray with a spoonful of plain yogurt. In one row of the tray place a mixture of read more

Inside Summer Fun

June 30, 2020 :: Posted by Carla Dusel

Yes, playing outside is fun and is one of the best parts of summer! But sometimes, between the mosquitoes, the sunburn, the heatwaves, and the humidity, you just need a break from the sun and want to be inside with some A/C. This is especially true for dogs! Dogs have it harder when it comes read more

Hot Weather Safety

June 30, 2020 :: Posted by Carla Dusel

Now that summer is in full swing, the hot weather is here to stay for the foreseeable future. With the restrictions brought on with the pandemic, many people are embracing spending more time with their dogs in the great outdoors. Spending increased time with your pup outside will mean paying closer attention to keeping them read more

Fireworks and Fearful Dogs

June 30, 2020 :: Posted by Carla Dusel

Many large celebrations and firework displays have been taken off the schedule this year in response to the pandemic the world is currently facing. If your dog is afraid of fireworks, you probably sighed a breath of relief! However, about a week or two ago you probably started to notice the sound of fireworks in read more

Dog Tricks for Stress Relief

May 20, 2020 :: Posted by Carla Dusel

The pandemic has had a major effect on the lives of many, myself included.  And while I am very much an introvert, with my closest friends always having been my dogs, I’m still spending more time at home than usual.  The disruption to my routine, and likewise the routine of my dogs, has caused some read more