Barkley's Loyalty Program at Central Bark Doggy Day Care

Barkley’s Loyalty Program FAQs

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What are the percentages I earn on each purchase?
1% on services, 2% on retail (including food), 2% on training if provided in-house, 3% on grooming if provided in-house, and overnights. Rewards may vary per location and are subject to change.
Does the card expire?
No, the card does not expire. However, all rewards on the card expire 180 days from their initial purchase date. For example, if $1.25 was earned on July 7th, 2013, $1.25 expires on January 7, 2014.
What happens to expired Rewards?
Actually, the value of all expired rewards are donated to charity. Each location designates three charities of their choice to donate the value of the expired rewards. Members need to designate charity donation upon enrollment process. A receipt with the total donated per year is available upon request for tax purposes.
Can I give my Rewards to a relative or friend?
No. All rewards are non-transferable.
Do I have to use my Rewards at the location I go to?
No, you can redeem your Rewards at any participating Central Bark® location.
How do I become a VIP member?
See your Central Bark customer service representative about purchasing a pre-paid monthly VIP package and win-wag even more!

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