WTD horz 2 in no border (3)Wag the Dog professional training is now provided at Central Bark Downtown


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Our training is provided by Jennifer Pratt, CPDT-KA of Wag the Dog and Company. For the current group class schedules, descriptions, and how to register, visit http://www.wagthedogandcompany.com/ or call 608-576-6961.
Jennifer Pratt CPDT-KA is the owner and trainer of Wag the Dog and Company. She is dedicated to helping guardians understand how their beloved companions see the world, how they learn and what really gets them motivated in life. Through knowledge of our companions we are able to effectively use rewards and motivators to improve behavior and enrich our lives together.

Wag the Dog and Company is committed to humane training methods based in modern behavioral science. Humane science based training works because it:

  • Utilizes your dog’s natural motivation for food, play, toys and life rewards
  • Keeps your dog eager to keep trying to learn
  • Increases the companion-guardian bond
  • There is absolutely no fallout if you do it wrong!  No scary side effects!

Group Classes

Wag the Dog and Company offers a range of classes and presentations to help you and your dog have the best relationship. Every class is designed to teach dogs reliable skills, and to help owners maintain a well-behaved pet both in and outside of class. Check out class descriptions and schedules at http://www.wagthedogandcompany.com/group-mini-courses.html


Presentations aka Human Training

Why the extra emphasis on YOU?  Because through education and understanding you and your dog will enjoy in life’s adventures together!  We have developed presentations and workshops to help answer all your questions about your companion.  Follow the link for more information.   http://www.wagthedogandcompany.com/human-training.html


Private Lessons and Behavior Consultations

For highly individual attention or more serious behavior problems, sign up for a behavior consultation and one-on-one lessons.  Lessons take place in your choice of locations, either here at Central Bark Downtown or at the convenience of your schedule and in your home. To find out more, visit http://www.wagthedogandcompany.com/private-training.html