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At Central Bark Doggy Day Care Kenosha, we pride ourselves on our commitment to outstanding service. Our facility serves as a home-away-from-home for your pooch. Here you will find the cleanest, safest, most socially-centered indoor/outdoor environment in the area. We maintain a high employee-to-dog ratio to ensure each dog receives the proper time and attention. We have a strong commitment to ongoing training and education and maintain a staff of dog lovers who are experts in canine first aid and animal behavior. Check out the variety of services we offer. Try us today, your dog will love you even more for it!


"I love when the dogs come to play!"


Services & Pricing

Doggy Day Care

We provide dogs with stimulation, interaction, play time, nap time and TLC.


Your pet deserves to be pampered. We offer a full service dog grooming salon.


Overnight stays at Central Bark include regular day care services.


Convenient, one-stop service for all your dog’s needs.


Training and socialization are the cornerstones of a positive dog-parenting experience.


We offer a safe and friendly dog pick-up and drop-off service. Scheduling should be done in person or over the phone, at least 24 hours in advance.

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Get Social with The Bark

Dog of the Month


Meet our crazy trio Diesel, Sampson & Dax. These 3 love day care so much they bark and howl all the way from their house to day care. Diesel aka: Snuffaluffagus is a Shepard/Mastiff mix, he’s the hyper crazy boy. Sampson aka: Sampy Sam is a Shiloh German Shepard, he’s the wild child. Dax aka: Daxy Dax is an English Mastiff, he’s more of the go with the flow kind of guy but sure gets spunky! Diesel loves to play in the pools (thanks to Auntie Jenn) and romp through the snow piles. Sampson goes absolutely bonkers for the hose or anything to do with water. Dax is a riot when playing with toys, he also loves to play with the hose as well. The boys like to play with their friends all day and they also enjoy their sleepovers with us!! Sampson, Diesel and Dax are all very well behaved, thanks to their lovely mom, Liz. We are thrilled to have the 3 of them and their mom as part of our day care family!!!! Congrats to the trio for being July Doggies of the month.

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