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At Central Bark Doggy Day Care Brookfield we pride ourselves on our commitment to training and outstanding service. Our facility serves as the home away from home for your pooch. Try us today. Your dog will love you even more for it.

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Jessica with Lucy & Murphy

Jessica Whitney true passion is her dogs, Lucy & Murphy. Jessica was one of the first customers at the Central Bark – Wauwatosa location over 9 years ago. She proudly adopted one of Central Bark’s first foster dogs named Benny. Benny found a loving home with Jessica and Murphy, where he



lived for 8 years. He lived a wonderful life and anyone that met him fell in love with him. In Benny’s memory, Jessica adopted Lucy from Central Bark – on New Year’s Eve in 2012. Her company, Fairy Tail Investments, LLC was also created to allow Benny’s memory to live on. She is beyond proud and honored to join the Central Bark Team.


Services & Pricing

Doggy Day Care

We provide dogs with stimulation, interaction, play time, nap time and TLC.


Your pet deserves to be pampered. We offer a full service dog grooming salon.


Overnight stays at Central Bark include regular day care services.


Convenient, one-stop service for all your dog’s needs.


Training and socialization are the cornerstones of a positive dog-parenting experience.

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Dog of the Month

MalliLet us all celebrate ringing in the new by celebrating our January 2014 Dog of the Month, Malli! This confident little terrier mix is the definition of a gal that knows what she wants. Meaning business from the moment she wiggles through the door, Malli has her sights set on one thing. Having as much fun as possible! Her undying enthusiasm for daycare keeps us on our toes every day of the week! It’s very common to see Malli racing around group with her pals with a big ol’ smile on her face. From time to time she will take a breather, but have no fear! Within a few minutes Malli will slap the smile back on and be right back to having a great time with her furry friends. This January is for you Malli. Live it up!

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